Monday, September 19, 2016

#Innovator's Mindset MOOC- September 17-24

Why is “innovation” so crucial in education? What impact do you see it having on our students and ourselves long term?

John Dewey, arguably one of the first major American Innovators of education, galvanized the phrase and perspective that. "Education is life itself." As we begin this collaborative MOOC focused on "The Innovator's Mindset" I would like to propose that education is life and in so doing, extend that innovation in eduction is crucial to enduring in our lives and in our world! In order to survive within a world of global competiton in every aspect of life, innovation has always been the key element by which our species has flourished.

An administrator prompted his faculty to reflect in a meeting one day, "Remember, you choose to be here, you choose this profession." As educators, we must rememebr what drew us to this profession to begin with, and what keeps us going each day! Being involved in a forrum like this is a great opportunity to remind ourselves why we entered education in the first place. At the very heart of every great teacher there is a student yearning to learn and to be the best they can be; seeking to continue on a path of growth. Understanding how to embrase a mindset of innovation will enable us to ascend into higher levels of achievement which equates to student engagement and success. George reminds us that the best lessons are those which we model. Actions speak louder than words, and believe me our students listen with their eyes so much more than with their ears.

How can we expect our students to take a chance if we never do? How can we expect our students to embrase an innovators mindset if they do not know what it is. We will send a message to our student that learning from faiure is essential to learning in general. Seth Godin inspires us to accept failure as part of the learning process and to eliminate the negaitve connoation associated with a necessary step; for we only truly fail if we stop trying.


  1. Hey Eric! I really enjoyed reading your blog post!

    I like the way you see the parallel between education and life, and really appreciate your call for us as educators to instill a love of learning in our students.

    Failure is a part of life/education/success -- and we need to model that for our kids!

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I am so glad you enjoyed the post!