Thursday, August 10, 2017

I never knew that coding could be so easy.

I had the pleasure of attending a Coding Academy given by RePublics CS using the free web based software Scratch created by MIT. RePublics created lesson plans for teachers to implement a skills based and best practice pedagogy. The training itself was an amazing two day training where were leaned both the scratch and RePublics CS platforms. For the rest of this post I would like to focus on the Scratch platform.

Scratch is a free web based coding platform that was created by MIT and designed for students age 8-16 but can definitely be used for ages outside that range. I have very little experience with coding before I attended this professional development. When day two of this two day training had concluded, I was so much more confident and at ease about the entire process of coding. Here is a snap shot of an artifact that I created.

I will leave you with this thought, coding is something that you can do, and scratch makes it easy!

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  1. Awesome! I am glad you enjoyed the training. I know our students and teachers will be better for your knowledge.