Thursday, September 21, 2017

My 'Why'

After 12 years as a classroom teacher, my colleagues encouraged me to pursue an instructional coaching position because they considered me an instructional leader on campus. I enjoyed supporting my fellow teachers just as much as the students in my classroom. As blessings would have it, I was already on the path I needed to be on in order to pursue both of my passions: instuctional support, and technology. I was invited to be part of an academy of teachers who would be trained to integrate technology and be a resource for others in their own campus. This was such as exciting prospect for me, and little did I know it would evolve into a coaching opportunity.

Now that I am a digital learning coach, I have the privilage to support the needs of teachers in the entire district to integrate educatioal technology into lessons. This job is fast pace and never the same from day to day. I am reminded often of the impact that technology can have on teachers and students. I love to open the world and strnegthen access that would not be possible without technology. I received one of the most substantial, eye-opening, reminders of the value and importance of technology the other day.

An inspirational teacher that I worked with the other day has a student with very speical needs. we were able to work together to create what I can only describe as a symphony using technology insturments which worked in harmony to provide precious access to her student. I made a stark realization that day. Her special student would not be able to have the same quality experience as other students without the use of technology that we put to use together.

I was, needless to say, so moved by my colleague's desire to provide access and equity for her student, and her determination and willingness to try different things excited me. This moment, this example is at the heart of why I chose to pursue an instructional coaching position; to support teachers in making a positive difference in the educational and life of the students we serve.

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