Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Digital Badges

My team is interested in creating and implementing digital badging under the guise of gamification. A team mate sent out a request for information to the Google+ community:  Instructional Technology Integrators & Coaches. I would like to thank him and the people that responded to the post. We have been able to compile a list of resources and considerations based in large part to this thread. Here is a link to the discussion thread, which is still growing. I am excited to delve into this and begin creating our own system of digital badges.

Here is what I have been able to discern what might suit our needs and options that might work for us:

1) We can create our badges in Google Draw. This is a simple and easy process, very user friendly.
2) We want the badging system to be visible and readily accessible so we might create badges that can be displayed outside each teachers classroom.
3) We are going to find out if the badges we create can be managed in our Learning Management System (LMS)
4) We need to decide how these badges are going to be issued, and if we can issue and kind of transferrable PD credit.

We were also referred to a Google+ Badging Community that has a great amount of resources for those seeking more information and resources.

I think we have a great start, and I look forward to how this might provide recognition for teachers that go above and beyond, and hopefully instill a little internal motivation for those who might be on the fence about trying something new.

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