Monday, October 16, 2017

Living the dream

I recall a dream that I had last week where I was in my classroom and I was teaching all my students since my first year on the job. In the dream, I remember sitting and helping my kids as they completed a project in small groups. I remember talking to parents and in particular, I remember the feeling of putting their concerns at ease and making sure that they knew that I was on their side- I truly cared that their student was successful this year and all the years to come. I remember feeling a great sense of joy and fulfillment as I interacted with my students and their parents.

The picture above is very special to me. It was taken by Jim Cullen when I was surprised by my principal, the assistant superintendent, and superintendent, when they announced to me that I was the Central Texas finalist in the HEB Excellence in Education Awards. This picture captures the culmination of well over a decade of passionate dedication for students through my work as an educator. When I see it, I am reminded of all my students, for it was our partnership that allowed us to be successful together. I will be forever grateful for my students and for the trust afforded me by their parents. I have never taken it lightly and continue my work today to repay what has been the most wonderful professional experience of my life.

When I see my students now, the often ask if I am still in the classroom. I tell them that I am in many classrooms helping to support other teachers so that their students will have the same opportunities for deep conversations, explorations, engaging activities, and joyful learning that we did. I am very happy to have the chance to mentor other teachers. I believe that all my experiences as a professional thus far has led me, and has prepared me to operate in my current position. I am blessed, and truly unworthy of such wonderful students.

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