Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The Snap and Read Debacle of 2017

I would like to first say that the Snap and Read Universal Chrome Extension is a wonderful tool and works very well if used in the way it was intended. The product is easy for students to use and includes many customization and personalizing options to increase ease and access for a diverse population of students. This post is not meant to be a criticism, only a reflection on lessons leaned when attempting to remove a support system and replace it with something completely different.

I am and always will be a teacher. No matter what I choose to do in this life, I will at my very core, be a person in this world who seeks out the potential of others in an attempt to allow them to see it as well and foster it together. I am an optimist when it comes to education and the capacity that we all have to grow. I recognize no limits; which is one of the reasons that I was drawn to educational technology. I see this amazing resource which, if used properly, can bring learning to life; bridge the gap between theoretical and practical. We can use what we learn!

In my current capacity as a digital learning coach, we are faced with the challenge of imparting new and innovative techniques for teaching that may not be well received by teachers who, for a variety of reasons, do not prefer the use of digital resources. A challenge within a challenge, as you can see. How should we begin to approach this and any other situation? The answer that I have found which works best is: with patience. In the age old venerable tradition of optimists, of which I am very proud to carry on, we must face every situation with grace, and a quiet peace within, but also with the stolid  confidence and a mentality of persistent tenacity that we will see this thing through, and we will be successful.

I take an example from the Native Americans who dwelt among the desert regions. When people were desperate for rain, they would begin a rain dance. Consequently, they were effective every time becasue no matter how long it took, they kept on dancing!

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