Thursday, February 1, 2018

Common sense online.

About 3 years ago, I became affiliated with the organization known as Common Sense Media. Impressed by their commitment to provide resources and spread awareness of digital citizenship to parents, teachers, and students, I took advantage of the opportunity to partner with them to be a certified educator through their program. Later on a second tier of increased involvement presented itself and I was invited to participate as an ambassador who actively disseminates information to all stakeholders for the benefit of students to sustain positive digital citizenship.

I am proud that Hays CISD embraces the call to action and is taking steps to better ensure that students stay safe online in school and at home. The internet can be a perilous destination, but with the help of tools, resources, and educational activities, we can combat the hazards that plague those who are caught unaware. Hays CISD has earned the distinction as a certified Common Sense Media Digital Citizenship District. This means that Hays has provided its students and parents with information, and resources through lessons in classrooms, parent information events through community gatherings and a number of other engagements both face to face and digitally. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be an agent of change where I know that my efforts and the efforts of those who are of the same mind can help to protect our students now and in the future by equipping them with the knowledge to foster positive digital citizenship and maintain a good digital footprint.

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