Friday, October 30, 2015

Get Tested

Not that kind of test...

Google Certification is a great way to learn, and to increase your "street cred." I will caution you now that I have taken and passed Part 1, it is not for the faint of heart. I have not been stressed like that in a long time and I remember now, why I avoided taking the GRE when I was trying to find a Grad. program that did not require it. Needless to say, historically, I have not been a good test taker. This test has a limit of 3 hours and tests your ability and knowledge of using Google Apps for Education: Google Docs, Calendar, Mail, Youtube, Sheets, Forms, Classroom, Slides, Search, and Sites.

Google gives you a pretty good idea about what kind of information will be tested. I studied all the information that they provided, but really, unless you have actually interacted with the apps themselves they preparation materials they provide is not going to help you. Here is the training page for the Google Certification Exam. When you are preparing for the exam, make sure that you have a block of time, no less than 3 hours, and that you are in a place free from distractions. You will take a test that has 20 multiple choice questions, and 11 tasks with 2-5 parts to each task. Your knowledge of the apps and the application of each will be evaluated.

The questions and tasks themselves were not difficult. Actually, they were quite basic i.e. part 1 exam is actually called "the basics". What was challenging about the whole thing was that you had to be efficient in the demonstration of your knowledge and understanding.

I finished my test with about 10 minutes left of the 3 hours that are given. If you do not submit your test within three hours then you automatically fail. So, my advise to you is use your time wisely.

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