Saturday, October 31, 2015


A colleague of mine showed me the power of voicethread. Not only does it have amazing power and potential for teachers and students learning a language, but also for students that would appreciate a different media for story telling. Voicethread is a great app that both teachers and students can use to tell a story or to collaborate asynchronously on a project or documents.

As soon as I saw what could be done with this app, I was very excited to create something for my son. He is almost 5, and loves for me to read to him. One of his favorite books it "Goodnight, Construction Site". I want to be able for him to listen to me read this to him long after I am gone. With the help of voicethread, this is definitely a possibility. The dynamics of voicethread allow you to import pictires and annotate them with a voice recording. So, I was able to take photos of the pages of the book and then record myself reading the book.

Imagine the power of this as a differentiated station for ELL students who struggle reading. You could have voicethread ready with a book or chapter of a book so that all your students can interact with the literature you are using.

Here are some great examples of how teachers are using voicethread.

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