Sunday, November 1, 2015

Google Forms

If you are in education then you have to check out Google Forms!

When you hear the words formative assessment, then Google Forms should be one of the things you think about. It may take a little time in prep, but what you spend in preparation you will save on the back end on getting a good idea about who you need focus your intervention on.

What I love about Forms is that you can create an assessment of various questions types, and varying rigor. This can be a test which tests an entire unit, or a quick exit ticket that you use to see who was able to understand your lesson that day.

I created an intro to Forms using Smore. I love some and will definitely write an entry here about the awesome power of Smore. I have attached the link here: Intro to Google Forms Smore

If you have used Forms before I would love to read your success stories. Please feel free to comment!

p.s. there is an extension called flubaroo that will help you grade all that assessments that your students submit through Google Forms. I will give you the link to my Introduction to Flubaroo here, and make sure that I create a blog entry about it later too! I hope you enjoy!! Let me know how it goes!

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