Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Students work at different paces. Sometimes it is good practice to allow them the ability to answer in their own time. You might want to try Todaysmeet

If there are 23 students and 1 teacher in the classroom there is a potential to have 24 teachers! If you are interested in empowering your students to ask and potentially answer a classmates question you might want to try todaysmeet.

Want to quickly pose a question and check for understanding for all of your students at relatively the same time, you might want to try Todaysmeet.

A student has a question but you can not get to them right away. You want a way for them to post a question, not forget it, and get back to them when you have a chance. Todaysmeet is a great tool for you.

Want to have a remote study session/question and answer session for 30 minutes from the comfort of your living room- without having all your students there with you. You might want to try Todaysmeet.

Todaysmeet can do all these things. The beauty is the simplicity and ease of use of this program. Not only that, the teacher is in control. You can create a "room" that lasts for minutes, days, or up to a year. You decide the lifespan of the meeting room and you can moderate the conversation. Simply invite your students to participate via link or QR code that is generated from the page itself. Here is a peek at some of the setting options:

Once your conversation has ended you can generate a transcript and save it for suture reference.

There is one MAJOR consideration that you need to address if you are going to use this site. Students have the ability to join without a user name, or any name for that matter.

I enjoy using this tool, and I think there is a tremendous value in it for any class! 

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