Tuesday, November 17, 2015

App Smashing "Cam Scanner" with "Show Me"
A teacher wants her students to be able to take a picture of a historical figure and discuss letters that they wrote or literature that they are directly tied to. Her class is composed of mostly English Language Learners (ELL's) so there is great value in her students reading about the historical figure, writing a script to be read, and the actual voice recording of them reading so they can hear what they sound like. This was a GREAT opportunity to put together some apps that would suit the goals of her project perfectly. I decided to show her "Show Me" (Here is the link to the apple app store). The reason I chose this presentation app as opposed to all others is because it is free, and can house multiple drafts at once. This was important because she has about 16 students that will work in partners. So, we needed to be able to begin at least 9 drafts at one time. It was just what we needed, especially since there was a build in voice recorder and ability to take pictures and add them to the document.
As they continued to work I noticed that there were aspects of the picture taking that I would not want in a presentation. I showed them an app called Cam Scanner. This app is amazing for enhancing photos that are taken and making the presentation quality better. For instance, if there is a glare it will remove it. If the picture was taken at a skewed angle and has some extraneous background then it will attempt to correct it and eliminate the undesired background. You can turn a quick snap of a document into presentation grade images. I highly recommend that if you do not have the pdf. of or digital form of a file and only have the physical version and do not have time or the desire to reproduce it then Cam Scanner is your "go to". Needless to say, the kids were pretty impressed.

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