Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Projecting your iPad

My district has been piloting software called Mirroring360. This software allows the iPad to connect to a teachers PC through the WiFi network. If the PC is wired to a projector then essentially you can move about your class using apps that the entire class will be able to see and interact with from any part of the classroom. This is a very exciting prospect since every teacher now has at least one iPad in the classroom. I was fortunate to be among the first to be able to use this software. I enjoyed downloading a pdf and using apps like notability, showme, or educreations to demonstrate processes and verbalize their understanding. Not only that, but I could record the audio and visual for other classes to see, and then even post the file to my web page so that parents and students could reference the information later.

Some classes/schools will use apple TV, which some of our schools do as well. I have been told that the Mirroring360 software license is a less expensive option compared to outfitting every teachers classroom with an Apple TV. Both work about the same, with about the same functionality. Apple TV will allow the user streaming options which our tech department has completely disabled.

In preparation for this massive roll out of the mirroring software, a colleague of mine and I created this instructional video for teachers to use so they can connect iPad to PC.

Here is a video clip of an art teacher using her iPad to demonstrate how to mold clay to her entire class.

Mirroring360 has greatly expanded possibilities for deeper student engagement and interaction. I am very excited to see what kinds of ideas teachers will create for more dynamic tech integration this year once every class is outfitted with this software.

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