Friday, March 11, 2016

Flipped classroom

I have just started using apps on my iPad that allow students to record themselves as they solve a problem orally. I use notability and educreations. I really like these two apps. I think that notability is more sophisticated and dynamic. There are more options you can use to format a document or create a document.

I am curious, do you use some kind of application or allow your students to record themselves for their benefit or for the benefit of others that you teach?

I have a daily warm-up that my students begin immediately upon entering my class. I will usually rotate through students who I choose to demonstrate how to solve the warm ups and I will play the recordings for subsequent class periods. I will also dedicate the last few minutes to discuss homework assignments and allow volunteers to record how they approached solving a problem and use it in attachments in emails that I send home. Usually if several students have the same questions I know that the majority of students will when they reach that part on the homework (usually the night before it is due).

I found this article on how teachers can encourage students to record tutorial videos for other students and it made me wonder if any of you have experience with this or even flipped classrooms? If you have not heard the term before a "flipped classroom" is one where the students are asked to research a topic via online video or website and then come to class with some idea able to discuss the topic so that the teacher serves as a discussion facilitator. In my school I can not rely on this system because not all of my students have access to internet at home.

Please check out the article and tell me what you think.

1) Do you use any peer tutorial systems in your class?

2) Do you use technology or recording software to facilitate your tutorials?

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